Hate To Break It To You

....but your body probably isn’t actually in Ketosis and that’s why you aren’t losing the weight you want to.

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Here Is The Real Reason You Aren't Losing Weight...

The hardest part of being on the keto diet is having to constantly be concerned about what you are putting in your body. 

You may be told something is keto- friendly by someone online only to later find it’s not and all your hard work for the week is thrown out the window. 

Being kicked out of ketosis for even a short period of time can set you back immensely, especially if it happens on a frequent basis because frankly... your body doesn’t tell you when you are in ketosis...  

It’s not something you can be aware of unless you get the proper tests or know the subtle signs.

....So something as simple as using the wrong salad dressing, or drinking so-called Keto drinks that actually contain an ingredient that increases your blood sugar levels can kick you out of ketosis without you even knowing, and you are stuck… week after week wondering why the hell you aren’t losing any weight.  

The Reality Is..

Properly getting your body into ketosis and keeping it there is difficult. 

It’s hard to know what exactly you can and can’t eat, and how much of anything. 

Unfortunately, not all the nutritional data you need to know is always on the label and this makes the Keto life very STRESSFUL. 

Here are a few of the biggest mistakes people make while on the Keto Diet.  

  • Not tracking protein intake
  • Not tracking carbs  
  • You’re not eating enough fat
  • Not eating high enough quality fats  
  • Not eating enough calories 
  • Not eating fermented foods
  • Not getting enough micronutrients  
  • Not testing blood levels
  • Not eating enough fiber  
  • Not tracking glucose with ketones 

But There Is A Way You Can Keep Yourself In Ketosis 

Even If You Slip Up!

With Exogenous Ketones you don’t need to follow and track everything listed above all day long to ensure you body is in constant of Ketosis.. 

Why? Because Science, That’s Why.

Exogenous Ketones generate Ketones outside of the body. 

This means that even if what you put in your body doesn’t support ketosis, supplementing with Exogeneous Ketones will still keep your body in a super fat burning state, helping you lose more weight, faster! 

Ultimately, Exogenous Ketones allow you to stay in Ketosis so you can lose the weight you want without having to track every little thing you eat.

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You can live stress free knowing that your body will still be burning fat if you accidently slip and eat something you shouldn’t.

The number one reason people on the keto don’t succeed is because they simply just aren’t aware when they kick their body out of ketosis. 

NusaPure's Raspberry Ketones eliminate most of this risk, ensuring you get the best weight loss results with your keto journey.

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